Alex Reader : Winner Best of CES 2010 eReader category - LAPTOP Magazine
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Alex gives you easy access to more than a million books from eBook vendors, such as Kobo, eBooks, and BooksOnBoard. Alex expands, enriches and personalizes your reading experience anywhere you go. Alex is giving birth to a new industry of multimedia publishing and delivering new opportunities to authors by enabling readers to use their Alex eReader to explore the Web through hyperlinks embedded in online books.
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The Alex ReadMate™ Browser brings you the entire Web in true color. Alex’s desktop quality browser is optimized for dual screen browsing and reading. The LCD screen allows readers a natural way to discover new articles and is ideal for web browsing, watching videos and viewing pictures, while the revolutionary EPD screen produces printed page-like views for reading.
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Designed for the future, Alex grows with you. More books, more media, more applications! Alex’s versatile open Google Android operating system and responsive on-screen keyboard let you use popular applications like Gmail right away. Twitter with friends. Start an online book club on Facebook. Watch for more Google Android applications in the Alex Marketplace coming soon.