The Alex Dual Screen eReader
The fundamental difference between Alex and other eReaders is that it intuitively and elegantly integrates its two displays, com- bining the efficiency and reading comfort of the EPD display with the responsiveness, multimedia, and browsing capabilities of the LCD display.
See The Best Of Two Screens

The Alex full color 3.5” touchscreen LCD screen is ideal for web browsing, while the 6” EPD screen displays like a printed page and text is adjustable for easy extended reading. Or view content on two screens simultaneously with Alex’s dual screen “Touch and Extend.”

The Web at Your Fingertips

Browse the entire Web on the full color LCD screen to support what you’re reading on the paper-like EPD screen. Type your search on the virtual keyboard or tap to select and open a web site for more information, pictures, sound and video.

Build Your Own Library

Start building your library right away. Download from a wealth of online Adobe ePUB format digital books from Google Books and Alex partner bookstores and store them in the Alex Library on the removable SD card. Store your own images, videos, music and documents in many formats on the SD card for review at any time.


Watch movies, news clips, or any MP4 or Flash videos on the 16-bit color screen. Listen to music, news broadcasts and lectures while you read using the built-in MP3 media player and speakers, or plug in earphones to listen in private.


Highlight, record comments in your own voice, or add hyperlinks. A marker will remind you or tell any other reader that more information can be found relating to the text on the EPD screen.


Alex in WiFi making it the first truly mobile wireless e-reader device that gives you access to the Internet and your own personalized library on the go, whenever and wherever they need it.

Alex DS-10 - WiFi 802.11b/g (Shipping NOW!)

Alex Grows With You

Alex is actually a mobile Android device with useful applications like email, calculator, and media player you can run on the LCD display. Because it is open, Alex always welcomes new applications from Android developers.


Curl up with a novel and some pleasant online music or do some serious research for a presentation. No matter what you’re reading, rest assured that Alex will remember where you left off with built-in bookmarking.

Reading Longevity

You can read offline anywhere for up to two weeks without recharging the battery with browsing and wireless off. Battery life will vary based on device usage.

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