About Spring Design

Spring Design, founded in 2006, delivers innovative e-reader solutions and products to the e-book market, offering overall "Link Notes", a content authoring and multi-media publishing tool as add on editions to original text. Spring Design is located in Cupertino, California with engineering offices in Taiwan and China. Spring Design pioneered its patent-pending dual screen design with ReadMate™ capability in 2006, and has been working with major book stores, newspapers and publishers over the last two years, sharing the vision and the capabilities of the dual screen device.

Spring Design's innovative patented technologies incorporate the seamless interaction of dual display and multi-online access in a single device, benefiting and leveraging the technology and resources of the Web to enhance the reading experience with open Internet access.

Company Vision

Building readable, mobile, and versatile solutions in a standalone next generation reader device

Thanks to the revolutionary technology of electronic paper displays (EPD), electronic readers are now an established presence in the consumer electronics market. Today's reader products, such as the Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle, have had varying levels of success, yet, no one device has met all consumer requirements for good readability, mobility, connectivity, and functionality.

We believe there's a need for a standalone convergent device not only for reading downloaded electronic books, but one versatile enough to be interoperable with existing tools, compatible with the latest applications, connected with a fully operational browser, and user friendly enough to boast an advanced graphical user interface that is both familiar and intuitive to most users. Above all, we think this device should be lightweight and portable.

Our mobile standalone electronic reader is light, small, and easy to use – and it simply does more. It's useful for both online and offline reading and it's not limited to use for simple leisure reading. It will become an essential and indispensable part of users' daily learning and information gathering activities.

Spring Design is poised to become the premiere company to deliver solutions and devices that will fundamentally change the way people view and interact with an electronic reader, broadening the electronic reader market.


Albert Teng Albert Teng
On Feb 1, 2011; Co-founder Albert Teng assumed a new role to run the operation of Spring Design Inc after a major restructuring of the company. Albert has led Spring Design with technology development since 2006 but was on leave for the year of 2010 to help starting a new church building in Cupertino, California. Albert was the primary author of several issued and pending patents related to ReadMate™ technology. He was the founder of the first Intel Labs in China from 1994-1996 and has won four Intel Achievement Awards during his 22 years career at Intel.

Jack Yuan Jack Yuan
A co-founder of SanDisk, the world's largest supplier of innovative flash memory data storage products. Jack Yuan is an Elder of Home of Christ church in Cupertino and has not been involved with Spring Design operations.


  • Google, Inc. – Perhaps the most well-known search engine company in the world. Their Book Search division has scanned a wealth of books and made them available electronically. They are also the developer of Android, the open source software platform and operating system specifically for mobile devices.
  • Adobe Systems Inc. – A well-known software solutions company enabling the delivery of electronic document and book content through their reflowable PDF technology, content protection technology, as well as the EPUB file format.
  • PVI – Founded in 1992, PVI is the pioneer TFT business in Taiwan. Listed in Taiwan's OTC market, PVI is now the world's largest ePaper module maker supplying displays to the eBook market.
  • Marvell Technology Group Ltd. - The Market leader in Switching, Transceivers, Wireless, PC Connectivity, Gateways, Communications Controllers, and Storage.